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От Faheem Taalib Deen

Before there was Light on Sun, Earth was in darkness, the angels used to dwell in the Skies, on Earth, in the Mountains and on every Plains.

As the Light on Sun was created, a sudden brightness overcame Space and the Angels were terrified that the End of Days had dawn upon them and thus the Angels of the Sky came down to Earth and together with the Angels on Earth fled in Supplication to their Lord seeking the shadows of the Earth till they made a full round across it and when they found out that it was nothing, they return to their various post.

Thus it became a custom for the Angels to gather on one night on Earth and thus is the Night of Power - Shyakh Abdul Aziz al-Dabbagh in Kitab al-Dhahab al-Ibriz 'an Kalam Sayyadi al-Dabbagh-via Sidi Mohamed Isa

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